Welcome to the new school year! I I hope you ntastic summer & yousummer & you'summer and are by communication disorders"etween CDI students and faculty through sam so honored and excited to be representing you & our NSSLHA chapter as the 2014-2015 President. As we gear up for the upcoming year, the officers & I have numerous new ideas and events that we have in store for our organization. I want to encourage each and every one of you to get involved with our community service projects, social events and to have fun while doing so! I look forward to a successful year! If you have any ideas or concerns, feel free to contact me via email at emyers5@murraystate.edu.
Emily Myers

NSSLHA President

Meet the NSSLHA Officers for the 2014-2015 Academic Year!

Emily Myers- NSSLHA President
Hometown: Marion, KY
Favorite CDI class thus far: Pediatric Language Disorders

My goal for the NSSLHA membership is....to increase our visibility on campus and work together on important community service opportunities.

Kelci Fulkerson- NSSLHA Vice President
Hometown: Leitchfield, KY
Favorite CDI class thus far: Pediatric Speech Disorders

My goal for the NSSLHA membership is...to see more of our CDI students participating in our many activities and events, including volunteering to help out the Special Olympians

Name: Anna Holland: NSSLHA Treasurer
Hometown: Metropolis, Illinois
Favorite CDI class thus far: Phonetics
My goal for the NSSLHA membership is...to bring members closer together to create a sense of community and support, so come out and join us this year!!!

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Name: Sarah Carter: NSSLHA Secretary
Hometown: Bardstown Ky
Favorite CDI class thus far: Phonetics
My goal for the NSSLHA membership is to... make our new CDI students feel welcome. Shoot me an email if I can help! 

Name: Becca Kilby: NSSLHA Historian
Hometown:  Murray, Kentucky
Favorite CDI class thus far: My favorite class has been Anatomy and Physiology. The body is so interesting and there is so much to learn about it. I am looking forward to taking Neuroanatomy and learning all about the extremely intricate and intriguing human brain this coming semester!
My goal for the NSSLHA membership is to get everyone involved in order to develop professional skills that will support service to the national organization upon graduation. 
***Note as historian, I will be documenting all our activities and events this year. If you get some good pics send them my way, thanks Becca

Tent City /Homecoming 2013-2014

The theme of Tent City/Homecoming 2013-14 was “Take Your Place in the Murray State Tradition.” Representing NSSLHA on the Homecoming Court, Ellen Whittington stated that “Taking Your Place in the Murray State Tradition means accepting ones uniqueness and upholding lifelong values while engaging in MSU traditions that students, faculty, an alumni have participated in over the decades.” Although Ellen Whittington was not crowned Homecoming Queen, she was honored to represent NSSLHA on the court. She said she enjoyed the homecoming court experience and hopes that future members will step up and proudly represent the NSSLHA organization in the years to come.
The highly anticipated annual tent city event was once again a success. Despite the cooler weather, a myriad of MSU organizations exhibited their RACER pride as they welcomed current MSU students, faculty, friends, family, as well as a plethora of alumni to their tents. Each tent exuded a warm and welcoming atmosphere for those who stopped by to mix and mingle or even grab a small snack or drink. In particular, the NSSLHA tent had faculty members and students from the Communication Disorders Department as well as Alumni visit the tent. It was wonderful to see the smiling faces of the alumni as they proudly visited the NSSLHA and again engaged in the tradition of tent city like in the old days. NSSLHA looks forward to engaging in celebrating the annual tent city again next year!


NSSLHA Back-To-School BBQ
On August 27, 2013, at Chestnut Park, Murray State’s National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) hosted a back-to-school barbeque for returning and new students and faculty of the Communication Disorders (CDI) program. The barbeque served as a casual means of welcoming and promoting friendly interaction between CDI students and faculty for the 2013-14 year as well as bridging the gap between underclassmen and upperclassmen.

The back-to-school barbeque was a huge success! Over 50 people, both students and faculty, attended the social event. It was wonderful to see a large number of freshman and sophomores in attendance at the barbeque as it is the desire of the current NSSLHA officers to help these individuals feel they are part of the MSU CDI community.

The diversity that characterizes the CDI program at Murray State University was once again apparent at the back-to-school BBQ. As an officer, diversity is viewed as this organization’s greatest strength as students and faculty members bring to the forefront unique attributes that aid in creating an organization that strives to make a difference, whether big or small, on campus and in the local community.     
Ellen Whittington

NSSLHA President 2013-2014

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