Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Guess Who I ran into....

  Renea Sageser Class of 2003

Renea and I were at an executive board meeting for the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Association in Lexington Kentucky. How fun to catch up.  Since graduating from Murray State University Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology Renea has had a very successful career.

Renea is CEO of Associates in Pediatric Therapy (APT), a therapeutic clinic practice providing services for children with special needs in Metro Louisville, Lexington and Southern IN. APT was founded in October, 2007,  by Renea Sageser, who was then a stay-at-home mom. She officially opened her practice in January, 2008, in Shelbyville, KY.  Today she has over 70 employees  and continues to grow. Among her employees are other MSU grads!

Way to go Renea and we are so proud of your success! 
Check out the link to her practice: http://www.kidtherapy.org/

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