Friday, August 2, 2013

CDI Summer!

Wow what a great time for our CDI students! While many of our undergrads have been having fun in the sun our Grad students have been working their ...well working very hard!

In May we welcomed back the Class of 2014 who now officially become known as our "Second Years".
Congrats guys you had a great first year!

We also met the the Class of 2015! Welcome to the Grad Program in Speech-Language Pathology.

Summer went by fast with all the clinic and academic demands of grad school!

A few years ago, Dr. Miller asked me to get the second years to say a few words at orientation to welcome the incoming class.  It just so happened those guys were a bunch of jokers and had some fun with it, telling the newbies 10 things they needed to know to survive grad school. They set a bit of a precedence because each year as we carried on the tradition the presentation has become even more entertaining.

This year as the spring term came to a close members of the Class of 2014 came to me asking about their participation in orientation. Well this year's remarks from the Second Years to the First Years were the most entertaining! They have set the bar very high for next year's orientation.

The starlets of this entertaining movie have given their permission for me to post! Click on the link to YouTube to see the wisdom the Class of 2014 shared with the newbies!

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