Wednesday, March 4, 2015




 Thursday night at the Kentucky Speech Hearing Association Annual Convention the MSU Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology became Praxis Bowl Champions!

Team Members, graduate students,  Shelby Kosmecki, Shelby Pryor, Haley Goff and Kayla Rhodes did an amazing job earning more points than University of Kentucky, Western University, University of Louisville and Eastern University. Congrats to our friends at Brescia who took top honors for the undergraduate team performance. 

We also want to thank our alumni who came out and supported their alma mater! 
We miss you guys and enjoy visiting!

Our current students were in their Blue & Gold and cheered the team on to their victory! 
MSU students are so much fun! 

Proud Parents!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


See you at Convention!!

Stop by and see us if you are at convention this week. Many of our supervisors and students will be there teaching and learning. 

  • Praxis Bowl- Our all star team is going to bring the trophy to Murray this year, please join us to cheer them on. 
  • Silent Auction- NSSLHA is bringing lots of great baskets from Murray!
  • Dr. Hart & Angelina Romero are presenting on Thursday at 12:45.  Phonological Awareness Skills in First Graders Who are Bilingual
We can't wait to visit with you!
Safe travels. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Days!

Due to really bad weather conditions that make travel dangerous we will reschedule 
Dr. Pinheiro's lecture. Check back for an announcement regarding the new date. 
Stay warm and safe! 

Let's hope we can all get together for KSHA next week!  Join us in cheering on our team competing in the praxis bowl Thursday night! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cinderella can have her glass slipper, this princess wears cleats!

We are proud to introduce you to Mallory, one of our undergraduate students in the Communication Disorders Program. While Mallory is an engaging and successful student in our program she is also a superstar on the MSU softball team. We know both of these areas of her life are important to her and we wanted you to meet her! Thanks for all you do for MSU!

 I have been blessed with this opportunity to be a student athlete. With this opportunity, I am able to major in communication disorders and also play softball. A combination of both has taught me time management skills along with discipline and goal setting. Being an athlete has helped me to learn perseverance, hard work, and dedication. All of which I hope to provide for my clients one day. It has also kept me mindful of when I and others have reached our limits. Lastly, it has taught me about teamwork and its importance in all aspects of life. Being a part of softball has taught me how to be an effective team member and understand others views. Teamwork is vital in the speech language pathology profession because there is much collaboration with other professionals.

-Mallory Richardson

Follow the link to check out the softball schedule so you can cheer for Mallory and her teammates! :

FYI- upcoming Deadlines

Don't want to miss these! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kentucky Speech-Hearing Association Annual Convention -News

If you are planning on attending the KSHA conference Feb 25-28th there is an opportunity for students to attend for free. See the notice below.  I would also encourage you to come out and cheer on our praxis team- this is Murray's year to take home the trophy!   

ATTENTION!!! Calling all KSHA Conference attendees!!!

Are you currently a student?  Would you like to attend the KSHA Conference for free? If so, please consider signing up as a student volunteer.  You will be reimbursed you KSHA Conference fee after completion of your duty.  You hand out packets and information from a registration table for a few hours and can attend for free!

1)  Student volunteers are needed to work the registration desk.
     Those who complete their shift will receive a refund of their convention registration.
     Please share the link below and encourage your students to sign-up.

Faculty & Alumni- the convention is looking for session moderators what a great way for MSU to have a presence at the conference and provide service to our state association. Let us know if you are attending we would like to visit at the praxis bowl!

Are you currently a professional?  Please consider being a moderator for the sessions you have signed up to attend! You will be asked to read some provided information about the speaker at the beginning of the session.  It should only take a couple of minutes and it really makes the speaker feel welcome! 

2)  Please consider moderating a session.  Introducing our speakers is one of the reasons our speakers think very highly of our Convention.  I hear time and time again that many associations do not introduce their presenters.  Below is the link to make your selection.

3)  Registration, Sessions and Exhibits Location:  Kentucky International Convention Center 
Registration: Level 1, Bridgeside Lobby, Exhibit Hall 1AB
Don't forget the Marriott has a skywalk over to the Convention Center.   

All questions can be directed to